One of the biggest differences between a successful artist and a not so successful one is exposure. Most artists enjoy the seclusion of creating and are more timid about showing face, speaking to crowds, and pushing themselves as the artist.

Here are some tips for getting yourself noticed, gaining exposure, and hopefully selling more of your artwork.

1. Being ‘social’ online as well as offline

Facebook groups
Interacting with others
Blog- instructional, about your life, what goes through your head while doing your art.

2. The occasional show.

3. Knowing your avatar

4. Promoting you, the artist and your art will follow

5. Getting personal- writing thank you notes,

6. Knowing your niche – and sticking to it.

7. Helping others

8. Have a space that you ‘own’ online

9. Ask for shares

10. Make it easy for others to spread the word.