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Helpful web design articles and videos

Getting your artwork (i.e. yourself) noticed

One of the biggest differences between a successful artist and a not so successful one is exposure. Most artists enjoy the seclusion of creating and …

Build it and they still may not come… for a while

Yes I’m talking about building your website. Even though it may feel like you’re putting something out to an empty room, I still believe it’s …

Do You (use) Streak?

Recently I’ve been trying out Streak for gmail. Streak is a CRM (customer relationship manager) that lives inside your gmail. If you’re not a gmail …

A Thrifty? Car Rental Experience

I’d just like to share my bad experience with Thrift car rental. The following is a review that I wrote on Yelp in hopes that …

Quickbooks Sales by Zip Code

I was slightly surprised that Intuit didn’t have a simple ‘out of the box’ solution for getting sales by zip code. After a lot of …

How to use Filezilla to put files on your web server:

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Recent art and art videos

Speed watercolor painting of Puffin

How to tear watercolor paper

Here’s a short video of my first attempt at tearing heavy watercolor paper. Tearing the 300# watercolor paper gives you a deckle (rough)edge rather than a cutting the paper and getting a  crisp edge.

I found that it takes a little bit of muscle to tear the paper. You can wet the edge to soften it and make it easier to tear.


Puffin's First Christmas

I decided to break out of the scenes studies and do a few paintings that are light hearted and whimsical. The inspiration comes from the comical nature of puffins who inhabit some of the remote ocean islands in Maine and elsewhere. I have a strong feeling that the best art should tell a story and evoke an emotion.

Maine Lobster Buoys

Maine lobster buoys watercolor

I’ve been wanting to work on a different way to paint water in watercolor. These lobster buoys seemed like the perfect subject for the watercolor.

Last hybrid Dahlia of 2016!

Flower close up watercolor

I’ve always admired closeups of plants and flowers so I thought I’d give it a try! I took a photo of our last Dahlia of the season (2016), enlarged and framed it on the computer screen and took a screenshot to use as a reference photo. I love doing all of the rounded petals.

The Great Blue Heron


This is a watercolor that I did before going to work one morning. It was a morning following a failed painting the night before of the same subject. I decided to not try the background of trees and grasses but to only  have a faded, soft look. I think it works quite nicely.

The reference photo is one that I took in the everglades in Florida back in January 2015.

I’ve tried using the Micron .5 pen and really enjoy it. The challenge for me is to keep it from looking childish or too simple. I thought I’d give it a go on this photo that I took a couple of years ago in Wiscasset, Maine. I decided to frame up closer than I normally do.

Wiscasset, Maine is a wonderful place to visit with old architecture and a rich history.
While you’re there, don’t forget to try a famous lobster roll at Red’s Eats, a meal at Sarah’s Cafe or bring home a homemade jam from Maine Forgotten Recipes on the pier.

Canson 140# watercolor paper
Winsor-Newton tube paint
Micron .5 black pen.

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